Everyday Immune support

Whether you’re commuting, looking for extra protection for you and your family, or want to ensure your immune system has an extra boost.

All year round immune support

Sambucol can be taken all year round as a preventative measure to support your immune system. We suggest the Sambucol original for your daily dose of immune support. Increased dose is recommended during winter months (see product directions for details).

Healthy immune system
Immune support

During Winter

Winter weather can put additional strain on our immune systems. Warm indoors, cold outdoors, dry air and people under the weather, all this requires your immune system to fight stronger. That’s why we recommend increasing the dosage of Sambucol to winter dose.

At the first sign

If you do start to feel under the weather, Sambucol can be taken to give your immune system additional support.

Cold and Flu Symptoms
In the Classroom

Back to School

School can be a breeding ground for germs, especially as germs can survive on classroom surfaces for up to 72 hours. Sambucol is a simple and effective answer to boost children’s immune systems and beat the school bugs, especially after the summer holiday.

When Travelling

Aeroplanes, public transport, air-conditioned buildings and busy public areas always put your immune system through its paces. Our tip is to take our Sambucol Capsules or Sambucol Pastilles with you in your hand luggage.

Silhouette of young family and airplane.
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Before an important event

Take Sambucol to give your immune system additional support before an important occasion like a wedding, a holiday or during stressful times like exams or interviews.