Sambucol Soft Pastilles with Honey

Sambucol’s soft chewable throat lozenges help to soothe scratchy throats.  Formulated to combine the power of Elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc and Honey.  Perfect for when traveling, in meetings, fighting dry throat or anytime your immune system needs a delicious kick.


For Intensive Use:

Adults: Chew 1 - 2 Pastilles every hour, or as needed, up to 8 per day.

Chidren 9 - 12 years: Chew 1 Pastilles every 1 - 2 hours, up to 8 per day.

Children 6 - 8 years: Chew 1 Pastille every 3 hours, up to 4 per day.

For Daily Immune Boosting:

Adults: Chew 1 Pastille twice daily.

Children 9 - 12 years: Chew 1 pastille daily.

If symptoms or cough persist consult your health care practitioner. seek medical advice before using during pregnancy and breastfeeding.