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Back to School Protection!

Sambucol Syrup is a great tasting way to make sure they are getting the immune support they need!  Sambucol was developed by a world-renowned virologist to tap into the power of the elderberry’s extremely high level of antioxidants and is trusted by millions to provide immune support for their families. 

Shown to reduce the binding of viruses to cells and their ability to multiply and spread.

Due to the high anthocyanin content, the Sambucol black elderberry has powerful antioxidant properties to also help inactivate viruses. The anthocyanins that occur naturally in the black elderberry are some of the most potent in the world.

Sambucol Black Elderberry brings you the healing power of the miracle of nature in a convenient liquid form.

  • No added: lactose,gluten,yeast,dairy,salt,artificial colours or artificial sweeteners

  • Free from dairy,soy and nuts

  • Ingredients: 5.7g Sambucus nigra Black elderberry fruit juice eqiuv. per 15ml syrup

For Daily Maintenance      2-3 Years: 1 teaspoons (5ml) daily      4-12 Years: 2 teaspoons (10ml) daily

adults : 15ml daily

For Intensive Use (cold or flu)      2-3 Years: 1 teaspoons (5ml) 3 - 4 times daily      4-12 Years: 2 teaspoons (10ml) 3 - 4 times daily

adults : 15ml 3 - 4 times daily


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